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All Flags Are High Quality & Feature:


  • Superior, nylon thread stitching
  • Exceeds U S Govt. standards for material and workmanship
  • Made in the USA
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United States Flags
for Sale

Our flags exceed U.S. government specifications for material and workmanship.


Each flag stitched with superior, bonded nylon thread for extra strength, unlike others .


100% Made in the U.S.A.

Solid Brass Grommets

metal thimbles

  • Polyester canvas heading with #2 flat solid brass grommets on 3'x5' and 4'x6' flags. 
  • Polyester canvas heading with #2 solid brass rolled rim tooth grommets on 5'x8' and 6'x10' flags.
  • Nylon rope through canvas heading on 8'x12' and larger flags.  Galvanized metal thimbles protect rope ends.

embroidered stars

reinforced end hem

  • Embroidered stars on flags 2'x3' through 12'x18'
  • Fly end hem reinforced by four needle lock stiching.  Fly corners on larger flags are box stitched for extra durability.

Different fabrics for different applications

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Tricot Knit Polyester U.S. Flags

The NEW Duratex II is designed to endure wet and windy conditions.


  • Light with strength to 2-ply polyester
  • Sheds water like nylon
  • Out performs spun polyester in wet conditions
  • Shiny appearance similar to nylon
  • Elegant sheen
  • Open weave
  • Sewn Stripes and embroidered stars
  • Unsurpassed fade resistant



PERMA-NYL® This heavyweight DuPont nylon is the most versatile and longest lasting nylon flag fabric available.


PERMA-NYL®'s combination of strength and brilliant display, along with its quick-drying ability, make it suitable for a wide range of applications.


Great in rainy areas, its light-weight and close weave enable it to fly in the slightest breeze, giving the fullest visual effect.



BEST™ is a traditional and great-looking flag material. This natural fiber bunting is made of heavyweight 2x2 ply mercerized cotton.


It combines extremely rich, vibrant, long-lasting colors and good wearing quality for excellent overall appearance and value.



KORALEX II™ represents new and improved flag fabric technology. Made of 100% spun polyester, its 2x2 ply construction combines durability, strength and flyability with a rich feel ad look.


These flags are ideal for extreme weather conditions without the excess weight. Ideal for high wind areas and for daily flying.


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Fayette Flag & Banner Supply

We are an authorized Valley Forge Flag Co. dealer carrying all of the trademarked named flags such as:


  • Perma-Nyl
  • Duraxtex II
  • Koralex II
  • Valprin
  • Concord
  • SpectraPro
  • Heritage
  • G-Spec
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